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Football team getting acclimated in France

Senior linebacker James Stratton

Greetings from Bayeux, France!

After a very long flight we arrived just outside of Paris at the airport. After that we drove to a small town dubbed “pirate town” by the locals. We ate lunch there in a small harbor with beautiful scenery.

Following that we drove to where we have stayed the last two nights, Bayeux.

Last night we had a delicious dinner of steak with some sort of sauce, potatoes, and a GREAT dessert that can be compared to apple pie.

After a great breakfast at the hotel this morning we journeyed to the D-Day museum on Omaha Beach and Point Du Hoc. All were great, but eerie places to visit. The thought that so many men died where we were standing was a crazy feeling that I cannot describe in words.

Tonight we had practice at 6 p.m. and had the pleasure of practicing and teaching four local French teams, as well as practicing for the game by ourselves.

I’ll have to keep this blog somewhat short because I am typing it from my smartphone instead of my computer. Tomorrow’s blog will be more extensive.

I will leave you with some facts that we have learned so far.

1. Baguettes are huge here. Like baseball bat size.
2. Everything is tiny… it feels almost like we’re all oversized for this country.
3. The city we are in is one of the only cities untouched in World War II because it didn’t have any strategic advantage.
4. “Tu es tres belle” is “you are very beautiful” in French.
5. Even though the French football players speak French, their cadence is in English.

That’s all for now. Hope all is well stateside. Thanks for reading!

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