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Leaving Killarney

We just arrived in Ennis in Co. Clare earlier this afternoon. This meant a few things: 1) We had to leave a place many of us had come to love  , 2) that we needed to reorient to yet another new area, and 3) that we actually have decent internet access.

Here’s an update on our final week in Killarney.

On Monday a group of us hiked Carrauntoohil, the tallest mountain in Ireland. On that day it was cold and windy and we hiked (bouldered is a better term) up the steep, icy incline of the Devil’s Ladder.

From there, we still had about a 40 minute hike to the summit. Unfortunately, the visibility was too dangerous for us to be comfortable getting all the way to the top, but the feat of climbing the ladder and the beautiful view from the top made our 6 hour hike well worth it.

Tuesday was our only “true” day of class this week as Wednesday and Thursday were occupied with day trips, first around the Ring of Kerry and then the Dingle Peninsula the next day. These were beautiful sunny days and we were so happy to have that change in weather. DSCN2848Around the Ring of Kerry we stopped at Ring Forts in Cahersiveen which are dated back to 800BC-400AD. These were built with dry masonry meaning they were constructed without mortar…they are solid only through gravity. Around the Dingle Peninsula we stopped at a white sand beach in a town called Inch and Dingle Town where many of us delighted in Murphy’s Ice Cream. My new favorite flavor combination is sea salt and chocolate.

DSCN2943Other than those tours, I had an exciting event of my own. While I’m here in Ireland, I’m conducting research for my Senior Inquiry in Anthropology. I conducted my FIRST INTERVIEW for my SI with a local barman by random, wonderful luck.

Truth be told, I was sad to leave Killarney. I loved the park, the mountains, the coast. That being said, I’m really excited for Ennis and for Galway. Ennis is supposed to be a wonderful place for music and Galway is rumored to be a younger city with a lot to do. I’ll try to post more while I have internet.

Til then,


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  1. What great pictures! And I appreciate that all of you who hiked up Carrauntoohil returned safely. I’d have never heard the end of it from Joe . . .

    Congratulations on your first SI interview. Though I have a feeling that it wasn’t luck that got an Irish barman to talk to you. Did you smile? That’ll do it.

  2. Thanks! There were several near death experiences/panic attacks on that hike. I’m thankful we all made it back safely too.

  3. Hi Hannah,

    I’m enjoying all your posts and it’s fun to see how quickly you fall in love with all you are experiencing. I just wanted to say that we miss you here. Monday is the tutor dinner, and of course, you and Catrina are invited. I wish there were a super sonic taxi you could take back for the evening, but we know you’ll be there in spirit and we will be thinking of you. Please tell Catrina we send greetings, and are so happy for your chance to see some of Ireland. Continue to enjoy! (I know you will!)

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