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Happy Easter from Killarney!


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Our hotel in Killarney has only limited WiFi in the lobby, so accessing the internet is rather difficult. Also, we’ve been incredibly busy so finding time to blog…with limited internet…in a room where everyone is trying to get on the internet is just not a top priority. Sorry about that.

On to more exciting things.

We’ve been in Killarney for a bit over a week. I love Killarney….not so much for the town centre that’s about a 10


Yew Woodland

minute walk away, but for the National Park that is about a 20 minute walk in the other direction. Killarney National Park is about 26,000 acres of protected woodlands, wetlands, grasslands and mountains. And it’s beautiful. This past week we’ve visited Ross Castle and Muckross House; two large “estates” that were donated to the park. From Muckross we had the privilege to travel through a cave into the Yew Woodland, exactly what it sounds like. It’s a densely wooded area where the trees and rocks are covered with mosses. Some of the plants are edible and some will act as an anesthetic (which some of us had the misfortune to find out).

View from the Devil's Punchbowl

View from the Devil’s Punchbowl


On Friday a group of us took a very cold boat trip out onto the lakes of the park. A trip across Lough Leane (Lower Lake) took us to Innisfallen, an island where there are ruins of an old monastery and to the “Queen’s Cottage” a now-ruined cottage that was built when Queen Victoria visited Killarney.

Yesterday an even smaller group of us hiked Mangerton Mountain to the Devil’s Punchbowl, a crater lake at the summit. The view was amazing even if the temperature dropped to below freezing.

So Happy Easter all! We’re all safe and happy here even if parents worry about a lack of communication. This week should prove busy as well. We’re taking day trips to Cahersiveen on Wednesday and the Dingle Peninsula on Thursday. Then Friday we leave for Ennis. I’ll try to post more, but I can’t make any promises…I might be stuck on a Mountain 🙂



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  1. I’m so jealous! Killarney is one of my favorite places–not so much, as you say, for the often-crowded city center with its unabashed tourist-trappiness, but for the area around the city. The mountains and woods are fantastic, you can ride through the park on horseback, and the views make you stop to catch your breath. Or maybe that’s just the steepness of the climb up Torc Mountain . . .

    Enjoy the ring forts at Cahersiveen and the drive around the Dingle Peninsula–I’m sure the road won’t fall off into the ocean this year. No worries. 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking the time to send updates and photos! They’re beautiful — especially the Yew Woodland, which looks like fairies belong there. Even if you can’t post very often, I bet this is all great for the thinking and writing. Sounds like you wouldn’t mind being stuck on a mountain.

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