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St. Paddy’s Day/Good-bye Dublin!

I can’t believe we have been here for two weeks already–our time in Dublin has flown by!  Tomorrow we are leaving for Killarney, a smaller town in southwestern Ireland.  I have been loving the city life in Dublin, but a change of pace and scenery will be so nice.  Killarney National Park is beautiful and adventure-packed, with lakes and hiking trails and other outdoor activities.  Hopefully it isn’t too rainy!

This last weekend in Dublin has been an eventful one: St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  The city was flooded with people from all over the world.  I’d heard that St. Paddy’s Day is more of a big deal in the States than it is in Ireland.  While that may be true for most places in Ireland, Dublin was THE place to be.  The city held a festival Thursday through Sunday, including traditional Irish dance shows, Irish music and a carnival.  The most memorable part of the weekend is definitely the parade.  Thousands of energetic people, wearing a wide variety of green/Irish-themed clothing, lined the street with an excitement that even the cold air and rain could not stop.  First came the People’s Parade at 11 AM, in which various countries from around the world and organizations marched the street.  Around noon, the real parade finally began.  The floats and costumes were extremely colorful, highly decorated and fascinating, though some were quite bizarre.  It was such an amazing experience to have spent St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland.

Now to go out and enjoy my last day in this beautiful city until May– cheers!


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  1. Hey Christina,
    It sounds like you are enjoying the magic of Ireland. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us still on campus. We wish we were there with you.

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