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Good Morning, Dublin

We finally made it to Dublin around 2pm – after about 15 hours of travelling. The 6 of us who ended up travelling together had little problems with the immigration officers at the Dublin airport, so entering the country was easy enough. We were greeted by Dr. McDowell and we hopped on a bus to our hotel. Immediately I recognized the European: huge buses, narrow streets, expert and insane bus drivers. Our drive took us through Dublin City Centre -which we’ll be able to walk around today- and across the Grand Canal to a hotel near ours from which we walked back through the slight rain.

Yesterday was a fantastic day to arrive because it was the day of a huge rugby match between Ireland and France. So everywhere you went you ran into large green Irish flags waved by excited fans, or Frenchmen in red, white and blue afros. As you passed pubs you could hear crowds singing when the doors opened. All of the nearby ATMs were fresh out of money because of all the fanfare and walking down the sidewalk was like navigating a sea of people all headed the opposite way. Ireland and France tied the match, 13-13…but I don’t really know how that happened, rugby is a confusing sport.

Cloudy view from our hotel room this Sunday morning

Our hotel is wonderful (for all you mothers out there wondering in what conditions we are living). We are treated to large dinners (3 courses last night!) and breakfast buffets…and the food is amazing, so it’s a good thing we are walking everywhere. This morning we woke up to cold weather, but no rain yet. This afternoon and tomorrow we’ll tour around Dublin City Centre, ourselves being the tour guides so we’ll see how that goes. Then Tuesday we’ll start classes!


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  1. So you can see the Grand Canal from your room! You’re lucky to have one of the rooms with a view.

    Have you tried the Thai restaurant just up the street from the hotel? It’s just a door or two away from the pub on the corner of Baggot Street. I recommend it!

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