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Painting the Town.



Life has been good. We’ve been able to do so much out here it’s unreal. Things I never thought I would that’s for sure. I guess that is what traveling and studying abroad are all about; experience and living.


Australia Day was last weekend. It’s similar to our 4th of July. A group of us took advantage of the beautiful day and ran the 5k MS Colour Run (not misspelled) in the morning. It was a blast! I want to do another when I get home. The run took place around Darling Harbor. So when you weren’t getting doused with color you were running  along the water. It was wonderful. It was like we were celebrities after. The bus driver was nice enough to allow us on the bus and people kept taking pictures of or with us. Very comical.


After the run we celebrated Aussie Day like most Australians and went to beach. Beautiful weather and great company are a fantastic combination. We closed the day off watching the firework show over Darling Harbor. It was simply beautiful. Most of you reading this probably know my obsession with fireworks and how amazed I am by them. So as you can imagine this was the perfect ending to my day.


I am feeling like more and more of a regular here. I’m getting comfortable with directions and have a few favorite spots I like to go for different things. It’s pretty weird to think that only a month ago I was just leaving O’Hare not knowing what to expect of this trip. As I sit right now, I couldn’t feel more blessed. I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for me.






Ps- I casually climbed to the summit of the Sydney Harbor Bridge last Wednesday and I got a certificate to prove it. Probably one of the highlights of the trip to date. Simply amazing to be on top of one of the largest bridges in the world and looking out at all of the life below me. Bliss.

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  1. Hi Katie, wow look at you. Great job. I know your parents are proud. Have fun and be safe. Dan

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