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First Week of Interning – Hoyts Group

My internship while in Sydney is with Hoyts Group. Hoyts is a combination of movie cinemas and rental kiosks…sort of like our AMC theatres combined with Redbox. My role at Hoyts is with the CTG or Cinema Technology Group. I work specifically on the support team which means I have two main roles.

My first role is as desktop support. If a computer malfunctions or needs setting up at the corporate office, I help take care of it. Just yesterday I set up a computer for the other intern here, Emily. This role is very hands on which I like, since I have never really had a “hands on” type of job before. I am also pretty comfortable with computers so any chance to work with them is always fun.

My other role here is with site support. Site support is when we travel out to the different movie theatres and fix broken equipment. There seems to be two common machines that break a lot…POS machines or Point of Sales which are what the cashiers use for ticket and food transactions, and self-service kiosks which are just touch screen computers that customers can use to purchase their own tickets without a cashier. My very first day, my supervisor Howard and I traveled about 40 minutes in a cab to one of the theatres in West Sydney to fix a broken self-service kiosk. It was pretty cool to open it up and see how it works, as that is something I had never done before.

Part of my job with site support is to mail pieces of equipment to the different theatres or back to the manufacturers. We get broken components sent to us and it is our job to test them out and see if they are truly broken or if we can fix it ourselves. Once we determine where to send it, I box it up and ship it off.

This week, I was able to put some of the knowledge I have gained at Augustana to good use. Before I left for Australia, I took a class taught by Dr. Conway on advanced Excel use. In the class, we learned how to write macros and create userforms. Here at Hoyts, when someone wants to ship something in the mail, they have to fill out a shipping form by hand. Much of this is very tedious and includes looking up addresses of various locations. I took it upon myself to start creating a user form that can automate a lot of this. I was able to make a form that I can enter in some of the information using a drop down menu. The biggest timesaver is with the recipient location…I can now just select the location from a drop down menu and it will autopopulate the address, contact person, and their phone number. This user form saves a lot of time for each one of these shipping forms and I think it will be a big help for our team. I am nearly finished with it and hope to have it in use by next week.

This internship is definitely something different from what I am used to. At Augie, I studied Finance, MIS, and Economics. This internship is primarily IT – Hardware, which doesn’t have a whole lot of crossover with my majors. But I was really excited to be able to put my learned skills to good use already during my first week. I am sure I will learn a lot these next five weeks and it will be a great experience.

Also, I work on the 50th floor of the Ernst and Young tower in downtown Sydney. The views from up here are amazing…I will post up pics soon.

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