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Cheese Please.


Our week of shenanigans before our internships start is quickly coming to a close. However, I will say that we have made the absolute most of it. After our Blue Mountain and kangaroo petting escapade, we settled down and had our internship orientation with the CAPA advisors (the Sydney representatives in charge of our abroad program). I was advised of the time and place I will have my first interview with DEC PR. Apparently the internship isn’t set in stone until after I interview….yikes. Hopefully I’ll make a good impression. Or I suppose I could just sit on the beach for the next 7 weeks too.. Not only did that little meeting remind I would be working full time in just a few days, but it also that I needed to squeeze in some more carefree adventures before I started! And that we did.



The Opera House is breathtaking. We first saw it on a driving tour of all of Sydney. The following day a group of us went back for a closer look. If I didn’t realize I was actually in Sydney before, I did when I saw it. The physical structure of this landmark alone is something that took me moments to register. The several shell shaped structures are each connected by glass and the entire exterior is coded in tile. It is simply beautiful. I heard the acoustics of each hall are just phenomenal. I’m going to start researching the different shows that are playing while we are here. I want to pick wisely because I’m pretty sure this will be the one and only show I ever see the in the Sydney Opera House.

 19486_10151602244388368_963252566_nAside from some minor details, CAPA has been really accommodating hosts. They have helped us get better acquainted to the area, while experiencing things they native to their culture. Not only did they take us on the driving tour, but also a boat cruise! We were able to eat a huge seafood buffet and be out on the water with the sun shining on us. The food was delicious, but took a bit of an open mind to stomach. Fresh seafood is wonderful…but intimidating (aka THE SHIMP STILL HAD EYEBALLS!!) Minus the shrimp staring at me while I ate its friends, I enjoyed trying some new things like mussels and clams.




The seafood buffet was not the only thing that took an open mind to taste. The CAPA brought us to a pizza place earlier in the week. Little did I know I would be casually eating pizzas topped with kangaroo, emu, and crocodile. None of the above were my cup of tea. I had a bite of each just to say I tried it. I think it was more of a mental game than anything. I couldn’t get over the fact that the furry little guy I pet the day before was now the topping on my pizza haha. I think I’ll be sticking to cheese from now on.















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