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Kangaroo Burgers & North Sydney

Well, it is day 3 in Sydney and I am loving it. This morning our group was supposed to go on a bus tour of Sydney, unfortunately the bus did not show up. Most of the group went to the beach safety course but a few of us guys ventured off towards North Sydney to do some exploring.

We got off the bus in North Sydney and then walked back over the Harbor Bridge which gave us some great picture opportunities. We also were able to see the business district and get a feel for the business culture here in Sydney. After walking back across the bridge, we headed over to The Rocks which is an older part of Sydney. There were lots of cool stores so we shopped around for a while and had lunch.

Later, we went to Paddy’s Market, which is supposed to have good shopping. A few of us got some goofy bathing suits that I’m sure you will see pictures of on here eventually. All in all, our little group walked several miles today so we cooled off in the pool afterwards.

Last night, several of us decided to try Kangaroo burgers in our apartment. They were actually really good and very healthy. They taste like a sweeter and saltier version of beef and are about as healthy as chicken. It was also very cheap to get from the store, so we will definitely be eating these on a pretty regular basis.

I am having a great time here so far, and I am surprised it has only been three days. I feel like I have been here for a few weeks already. We are already getting pretty good at getting around on the bus system and picking up on the Australian social cues.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Blue Mountains which should be a great chance to get some awesome pictures, and we are all pretty excited about that.

Here are some pictures of our Kangaroo burgers and from our trip to North Sydney today.

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