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Fricke Jamaica 4

I will never take the resources I have for granted again. When I student taught I had 65 geometry students and almost everyday I made copies of notes or a class activity for each of my students. At Alpha though the girls have had to share copies or copy things down into their notes. My students complained about having to carry their textbooks whereas these students would cherish the opportunity for a free resource like that. It was so easy to put together notes with the SmartBoard and demonstrate various geometric concepts. While I did put together quite a few activities and made copies before I came down here, this experience has challenged me to be more creative and to think on my toes. It has reminded me a lot of my experiences tutoring high school students in the Quad Cities in the sense that I know very little about teacher’s expectations for the students and what material they have already been introduced to.

But today went so smoothly. I taught dilations and not only was it easy for the girls to pick up but they seemed to have fun doing it. After I introduced the material and we went over examples as a class for their notes, the girls then worked in groups to work through different types of problems. The activity took longer than I expected but as I walked around I noticed it was taking longer because girls were copying the examples down in their notes instead of only writing on the paper that I had given for each group. I then thought it would be beneficial and fun for the girls to present each of the problems to the rest of the class. The girls really enjoyed being able to get up and explain the problems. They understood the importance of vocalizing their thought process. It was also exciting to hear them use the new academic language that I had introduced. Some girls used the terms without any prompting from me and were very thorough in their explanations.
I started my home room though asking what their most favorite and least favorite parts of the day were from yesterday. I was happy to hear that almost all girls said their most favorite part of yesterday was meeting all of us teachers. A few even said that I seemed very relaxed and calm. While I have been told before that I am very relaxed and comfortable in front of a class, I did laugh because my family usually describes me as high strung and uptight. I guess this just means that I really am meant to be a teacher and in front of a classroom. But I was shocked to hear that their least favorite part of the day was having to go back home. I did not ask why that was. I do not know if I did not ask because I thought it would be inappropriate and too invasive of me or because I was afraid of the girls’ answers.

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