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Jamaica Blog 1

Jamaica Blog 1
I am just like in awe of this country… What am I doing here? Is this seriously real life? First we stay at this beautiful resort. It was all inclusive! I’ve never been anywhere like that before. It was such a good experience and is definitely the way to stay if at all possible. The food was tasty, nothing really too authentic Jamaican, but it was tasty, and sometimes that’s what’s important on trips like this. Haha. My room was fine; nothing too special. But it definitely did its job. By far the best thing about the room was the shower… It had shower heads all around! I think in total there was six of them: two on two of the walls, one from the top like normal, and one handheld one. Ah. It was fantastic showering in that shower. Maybe someday I’ll have a shower like that in my house. Love it. But when we left there was when the real Jamaican fun began…

I’m in Dr. J’s van which is the greatest van ever if I do say myself. And today we had the longest van ride yet… I’m not even really sure how long it ended up being. The drive was absolutely captivating; there was so many things to look at everywhere! All around are these brightly colored buildings: bars and homes and shops and churches and schools and everything. Everything is so colorful… Such a change from our gray, black, and white buildings back home. By far the most captivating thing about the drive was driving through the towns. I’m pretty sure the two big ones we went through were Ocho Rios and Port Antonio; Port Antonio was my favorite. All around were these people. We could barely drive. Two funny things happened… I’m sitting I. The front seat next to Dr. J, and at one point a Jamaican man looks in and says “Hey girl!” to me. After that I immediately rolled up my window. It was priceless. And after that a ways we drove past these children sitting on a ledge and as it van drives past one of them yells out, “I see white girl!” Oh my gosh. Too funny! We were all dying… But he was right. We were a van full of white girls which is definitely not a common thing in Jamaica.
After a long, long ride we made it to the Great Huts. Wow. What can I say about the great huts… We’ll just put it this way- The four of us staying in the Fig Tree House are contemplating all sleeping in our double bed together. And tonight, Stephanie Lorr and I are taking a swimsuit shower together. More on the Great Huts in my next blog.

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