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Tent camping in the Yukon

June 25

We now no longer camp for a night but have settled down on earth and forgotten heaven.
– Henry David Thoreau

Ever since my days as a Boy Scout, I have loved to tent camp. Camping in the Yukon has been a rare feast. Camping on Watson Lake, we fell asleep to the cry of a loon. Camping on Five Mile Lake, we prepared gourmet wilderness meals. Jane does the heavy lifting on cooking, but I am the baker, all in our Dutch oven.
Camping is hard work – setting up tents, cooking and cleaning. In the Yukon, camping is relatively primitive – no showers, you need to bring in your own water and we slept in our fleece jackets as the nights cool down. But there is nothing like a meal outside or a good night’s sleep in the wilderness.
(See also Jane Bahls’ Arctic Adventures blog).

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