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Rainy Days in Vienna

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Our first week of classes in Vienna have officially started.  The weather has been rainy and windy everyday, claiming many umbrellas, including 2 of Kristen Classen’s in one day.   Along with the bad weather, our first week of doing laundry in the sink has started.  The Viennese do not use dryers, and in order to the use the washers in our building you have to get a pre-paid card from a bank, so most of us have resorted to washing clothes in the sink and then living in the jungle of clothes that take days to dry.  Despite the dreary weather and the laundry situation, Vienna is an amazing city.

On one of our excursions we visited the Schönbrunn Palace.  This was the summer palace of Franz Joseph, the old emperor of Vienna.   This place was absolutely breathtaking!  Here are some pictures of the palace.


The actual palace was huge, but it only contains one bathroom in the entire palace.  I could not believe it.  On the walking grounds of the palace there were huge greenhouses, fountains, statues, and other various buildings.  Up on a huge hill there was another building that had a café were 16 of us all had coffee.  Here is the building.


On Friday we went to the Zentralfriedhof  or Central Cemetery.  This cemetery is huge containing around 3 million people.  Famous people buried here include Ludwig van Beethoven (aka Beethoven), Johannes Brahms, and Franz Schubert.  There is a monument in the cemetery for Mozart, but he was not actually buried there. 



 On Saturday we went to Kirche Am Steinhof which is a church within the grounds of  the Psychiatric Hospital in Vienna.  In the past it was only used for the patients of the hospital, but now it is open to the public.  When the church was built it was the most modern church in Middle Europe and it received a lot of criticism.



That is all for now, more to come later!


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