The worldwide Augustana College experience


Maceio is well known for its beauty and I can easily see why. The beaches are incredibly pretty; the water is a clear blue/green and it meets the sky which is pure blue and fluffy white clouds. All around are colors and boats and people and excitement. I love it.

Mariano’s dad, who is currently working for the Governor of the state of Alagoas–where Maceio is located– spoke with us about Alagoas and its current goal in overcoming its historically “last in line” reputation. They are diligently working on creating jobs and industry in Alagoas and taking advantage of its rich natural resources, etc. It was quite exciting to hear.

We made a visit to Palamares during our stay in Maceio. Palmares is the notorious and most famous escaped slave community from the 17th century. It was a self-sustaining community of many thousands that was protected by the thick brush of the land which it was deeply set in. It had a democracy-like hierarchy and healthy trade relations with its surrounding neighbors thus was seen as a threat by the reigning and enslaving Portuguese. It was attacked numerous times but succeeded in protecting itself. Finally, Palmares was taken down and its leader was decapitated and displayed in the city area of the state.

Other than a few classes and final papers/presentations, we have gotten to enjoy Maceio to the fullest. We are relaxed and winding down from 6 weeks of excitement. There is much time being spent at the beach and in our mini pool on the deck and we are enjoying the festivities of Carnival which included a parade of Samba schools on Saturday night and music festivals on Sunday and Monday.

I will be happy to to be home with friends and family but I will not be happy to be leaving this beautiful landscape.

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