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Last weekend we spent our time in Crescent Head at Mojo Surf Camp and it was one of the best experiences of my life. To begin with, the beach was all ours, and I mean for over 10 or so miles, it was completely deserted and private. Every morning that we walked along the beach it felt as if we were walking straight out of a movie set or something fabricated, I know the pictures won’t do it justice. The sleeping accommodations weren’t 5 star but it was refreshing to not worry about anything and just enjoy the moment. The instructors were all so much fun and very helpful during our lessons, I think almost everyone from our group was able to stand up and ride a few waves by the end of the weekend. There were two sessions each day for us and after the first session on the first day, after watching everyone else stand up, I’ll admit that I was quite frustrated and ready to give up. After sitting on the beach in my wetsuit refusing to get back into the water, one of the instructors told me to get off my ass and take my board in the water because he was not going to let me give up, and thank goodness he did. The feeling when I finally got up was awesome, I felt truly accomplished and after that I was hooked. Although I will probably never get nearly as good as the instructors, I would love to try again the next time I’m on vacation, but be warned, your body will be so sore the following days, I even had bruises on my arms!

Although we had such a great time last weekend, the weather was yet again unfavorable. I don’t understand how it can rain almost every single day here when it’s supposed to be hot and sunny. I’m starting to think that they’re all lying when they say that this isn’t normal because we’ve literally only had a handful of sunny days since we’ve arrived and with only a month left we better get some more.

The next few weeks are going to be really exciting for us in Sydney. This past weekend Karen Peterson and Johanna Adams came into town from Augie for our internship site visits and it was nice to see familiar faces. Friday we went to the Sydney Aquarium, which was way cooler than the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and then we went to lunch in Darling Harbour. The weather has actually taken a turn for us and we had blue skies all weekend so Saturday and today (Sunday) were beach days. Tonight we are going to some soccer game in Sydney that CAPA helped arrange. We also have plans to travel to Melbourne next weekend, and in two weeks we have a wine tasting in Hunter Valley and a harbour cruise. Finally, we’ll be ending our time in Australia with a spring break trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Before we leave though we plan to climb the bridge, visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship and a hopefully visit as many beaches as we can. With this ongoing list I find myself stuck in my thinking because while I am eager to see all of Sydney and spend more time exploring everything, I am at the same time missing many people back home and anxious to see them again. I know a perfect solution however, I think that my family should just move out here so then I can get the best of both worlds.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share what you all are doing over there. The boys on the trip are not sharing much information so it is nice to hear all the wonderful things and more details that only girls are sharing. I can’t belive the trip is half over! I will pray for more sun and less rain for the rest of the trip. Enjoy and stay safe.
    Augie Mom

  2. Love your blog, April! Thank you for sharing. It is great being over here with all of you. Even with some rain, it sure beats the weather in the Midwest!

    Karen Petersen

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