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Cao Dai Temple

So at home studied the Cao Dai religion. They’re easily the most distinct religion here because it’s a mix of every religion. Instead of one of those “all paths to god” religions, it’s ideal is that all religions are actually the same. While I don’t quite buy the whole idea, their temple in Tay Ninh located in what they call “the Holy See” is basically the disney land of religion. The Caodaiist men who have been practicing for long enough (I’d guess upwards of 30 years) dress in red, yellow or blue depending on what major religion they identify with. Along with that, the temple is decorated in various shades of red, yellow and blue as well. There is hardly any white space. The architecture is taken from traditional Mosque, Synagogue, Church and Temple style. It was a beautiful building.

I found it interesting that there was a ranking system amongst the practitioners. Every five years, the laypeople could mover further and further towards the front of the building. This meant that you must be quite elderly to get near the front, which no one was. It was definitely different than the “everyone is a child of God” mentality that I grew up with because they were more blatant with their respect for their elders. Although I will not become a Caodaiist anytime soon, I will let all of you know that if you are a male and chosen by the church, they are looking for a new pope. Theirs was assassinated at least 15 years ago. I’ve seen his house. It’s pretty big.

Here are some photos!

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