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Bahia Bahia Bahia!


Unfortunately, this post is coming much later after my first, there has just been so much going on and so much to do I haven’t had time to even sit down at a computer. We left Rio last Saturday and arrived in Salvador, Bahia, a northern state of Brasil. It is a beautiful area with many beaches and a rich Afro-Brazilian culture.

The group dispersed into our separate home-stays and I am currently living with a nice woman named Julieta. The house always smells of freshly cooked food and the fresh squeezed juice is something I already don’t know how I’ll be able to leave. My days have consisted of attending class, running along the ocean, relaxing at the beach then going out in one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to.

On one of the most fun nights of the trip, our group attended a professional soccer game of the state of Bahia. Being a huge soccer fan, I had been waiting for this night for the whole trip, but words cannot describe the energy of a game in Brasil. Is it as if every fan there is out there on the field with the same passion and intensity of the players. I mean it really helped that the home team Bahia pulled off the 2-0 win, but regardless it was an incredible night.

Well, I am off to explore another night in Salvador.


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