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First Impressions of Vienna

Hallo from Vienna!!

We arrived in Vienna 3 days ago and have been staying at The Wombat Hostel on the southwestern side of the city.  On the plane ride here we experienced a great deal of turbulence, making sleeping almost impossible.  Therefore staying awake for the first day to avoid jet lag was quite a trial. 

Once we arrived in Vienna we found that the culture is different from American culture, but not in as many ways as thought before.  First of all, everyone besides teenagers are extremely quiet.  On our plane ride and train ride almost no one spoke, making the silence almost awkward.  We have had to curb our loud American laughter, which at times is difficult.  We have found ourselves whispering to each other to keep our voices down.
The clothing in Vienna is similar to that in America.  The Viennese are into boots and scarves, aka current Euro trends.  Most Viennese are dressed up, no sweatpants or sweatshirts  =(.  Mariahilfer Strasse is similar to Michigan Avenue shopping. 

Our first dining experience went a lot smoother than expected.  The waitress did not speak any English, but we had our trusty phrase books to help us.  Waiters in Vienna only come over to the table when asked, otherwise they leave you be.  It is often hard to get their attention, but it is nice to just enjoy your meal in peace.  When in a restaurant you are able to stay at your table as long as you like because the wait staff does not work off of tips, but are rather paid hourly. 

vienna-036Our first journey into the city, led us into the city center or The Ringstrasse.  The Ringstrasse was the original wall surrounding the city, but most remnants of this wall  There were many historical buildings along way along with many places to shop.  The Ringstrasse was a mix of old and new. 

On our first night out, we were looking for different night clubs recommended by The Wombat.  Our first choice was a small bar that had many older guests and we did not feel comfortable being there so we left for the next club.  The next club we arrived at was The Camera, which had a reggae/afro/carribbean atmosphere.  We walked in  and we were one of the only people there at first.  Despite the small crowd, we had an enjoyable time.

Tomorrow is the first day of class when we will meet up with our professors and fellow classmates.  More adventures to come later!  Tschuss!

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