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Let Me Take You to Rio

Well, it’s been nine days here in Rio. A lot has happened, but I’m a bit short on time right now since we have to leave at 5:45 tomorrow morning to catch our flight to Salvador. I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast, and the crack of dawn is not when I would choose to leave, but oh well. Anyway, I’ll just give you a quick update from last time, and leave you with a brief morsel of what to expect in my next posts, which will go into a little more detail of what I’ve actually been doing. I’m all about the suspense.

If you remember my list of expectations from last time (oh, how long ago…), here is how my experiences compare:

  1. Obviously, have an amazing time. CHECK.
  2. Choke under pressure and forget all of my basic Portuguese and resort to miming, at least once. More like try to speak Spanish in the hope that people will understand and mime all the time.
  3. See a diverse culture with a very unique history. Brazilians are black, white, and every color in between. And somehow they are all gorgeous.
  4. Encounter both great wealth and great poverty. We sat on the plane with ladies dressed in designer clothes and got off the plane to the sight of favelas (slums) everywhere. It is simultaneously not as bad, and worse, than I could have imagined.
  5. Feel awkward with the physically-affectionate nature of Brazilians. Actually, this hasn’t been so bad. The most physically-affectionate person I’ve met here is probably our Spanish tour guide, Javier. Go figure.

Finally, to end this post, I offer you this…

This picture is a panorama I got at the site of the Cristo Redentor statue in Corcovado. On the far left is the cone-shaped mountain known as Pão de Açucar (Sugar Loaf). Below Sugar Loaf is Botafogo, just one of the many Rio neighborhoods. Dead center, between the two mountains, is part of the lovely Copacabana beach, which actually stretches all along that coast. On the far right that skinny stretch of land is Ipanema. In my next post you’ll get to hear all about my adventures, which include living in one of the above, and not visiting two because I was at the hospital in another. Fun times.

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  1. Yay, you have an Augie blog, how cool! Glad you are having an amazing time…hope your flight tomorrow goes well and that you enjoy Salvador! You get to meet your host family tomorrow too, right?

    I literally lol-ed at the fact that your Spanish tour guide is the most affectionate person you’ve met 😉

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