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We feel so grown up…

This past week has flown by and I can hardly believe it’s already Sunday morning. Most of us have started our internships now or at least had an interview, and this coming week will be the first full week for us. I had an interview at Red Agency on Tuesday morning and I immediately fell in love with the company. The office is on the 12th floor in North Sydney and there are windows overlooking the city everywhere you turn. It is a very modern office and seems like a very creative and fun atmosphere to work in, so I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity. I started my first day on Wednesday but had to leave early for Learning Through Internships class at the Australia Catholic University, which isn’t very far from my office or from the CAPA office. The LTI class will definitely require some work, as expected, but the teacher is very sweet and it is a good chance for everyone to update one another on what they are doing at their internship sites. After class many of us met up for dinner and drinks to chat about the day, most people were joking at how grown up they felt, but we called it an early night because we all had work the next morning.

So far, the weather has not been ideal, but on Friday the skies were blue and the sun was shinning, so we of course where else would we all go but the beach. Since we had gone to Bondi last weekend, and some people went out to Manly Beach earlier in the week, we decided to explore Coogee Beach, which was mentioned by previous groups as their favorite beach, and they were not mistaken. I loved Coogee Beach so much, it is a lot smaller than Bondi and was not as heavily populated with people. We found a large area to lay down our towels and our group grew bigger throughout the day with familiar Augie faces as well as new friends from Ireland, Scotland and Los Angeles. Everyone was having a good time and after my first kebab for lunch, which I am now addicted to, we decided to explore the rocks and cliffs alongside the beach. This area is part of Sydney’s coastal walk so we know that it was safe to climb out on the rocks and follow the man-made stairs down to the water. The lookout point was beautiful and I captured some amazing pictures of the shore and the blues of the water, but as we were walking down to a pool formed from the rocks, we encountered a group of girls that were less than thrilled to see Americans. We were trying to be polite and quiet, just taking pictures and enjoying the sunshine, as many other tourists were doing, but unfortunately an incident quickly escalated and we decided it was best to leave. It was a rather scary situation, but it was also very sad because we were looking at something so beautiful but it was immediately tainted because of their attitudes and opinions. I know however that I will be going back while I am here and hopefully by then the girls will have moved on.

Saturday morning we woke up to rain and cold air, so skipping the beach we decided to wander down to Circular Quay and explore the Rocks Market. We did quite a bit of shopping at the Rocks and I personally enjoyed the Rocks more than I enjoyed Paddy’s market, but the two are very different in what they have to offer. After lunch (more kebabs) we walked down to the harbour area and watched some street performers. One lady put herself into a little glass box, it was very interesting and disgusting at the same time. Other than the first day on our bus tour, this was the closest we had gotten to the Opera House, so we took a few pictures but because of the weather we decided to head back to the apartments and get ready for dinner. The nightlife in Sydney is very much alive, and somewhat similar to downtown Chicago. A large group of us went out to celebrate a birthday and had a really good time dancing the night away. Today is another gloomy and rainy day here so we’ve decided to stay in and work on assignments for school, do some laundry and clean the apartment, go grocery shopping and just relax before we start another busy week. My homesickness has been getting much better the more preoccupied I am, and I am surprised at how quickly the time is going by. I really am enjoying being in Sydney and I love everything this country has to offer so far. Last week we signed up for a few excursions that we will go on while we are here so we are all looking forward to seeing more of Australia. I hope the snow back home isn’t too depressing for many of you and thank you everyone who has been reading this blog, sending emails, and most importantly, praying over us throughout our trip, we all really appreciate all the support we are getting from back home and we miss everyone so much!

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  1. Two words – five iron. I’m just sayin’.

    Loving the blog – keep writing, and take plenty of pictures. Can’t wait to see you in March.

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