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This week, lets see.  We are in Hanoi, and it is a really crowded city.  We got here on Thursdaywe saw the Hanoi Hilton, which is the POW camp that john McCain was at for 4 to 5 years.
On Friday we took a trip to the perfume pagoda.  It is a Buddhist Temple that you have to hike up a mountain to get to… it was an insane hike but the pagoda is in a cave at the top of the mountain… so cool.

On Saturday we had a free day, so I did some sightseeing and all of that.
On Sunday we went to aplace called Halong Bay. We took a boatride around the caves andlimestone pillars that are in the water, while we ate a lunch of fresh seafood!  THEN… and you willnot believe i did this, out boat anchored in the middle of the South China sea.  So, we put on our swimsuits and jumped off the second story roof of our boat and into the freezing cold ocean!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  I was so happy that I did it, even though I was sooo scared!
I am experiencing so many new things and am loving it!
I will write soon!

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  1. Hi Kristin, I really felt your excitement during this trip to Vietnam. How is the seafoods their? I’m looking forward for more of your post here..

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