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One week from today…

It is incredible how fast the time has gone! A year ago I was talking with my parents about the Augustana in Australia program, and now I am starting to pack for the trip because we leave a week from today!

I am extremely excited to begin this new journey in my life but I am also nervous and anxious for the experience. While two months does not seem like a long period of time, especially for a college student, I know that in these next two months I will greatly miss my family and friends from home. Communicating with home will be a challenge while in Australia but as part of the experience, I will hopefully learn to adopt a “no worries” attitude and just go with the flow.

I have heard some wonderful things about Sydney and I am eager to see the city for myself. I am looking forward to being placed out of my comfort zone and try new things, like eating a kangaroo pizza, holding a snake at the zoo or even sky diving over the Great Barrier Reef. Whatever the adventure that Australia brings, I will be sure to keep an open mind and positive attitude throughout the trip.

For now, my biggest challenge will be fitting everything into 2 suitcases…see you all in Australia!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing from you through your blog–great job so far! Hope that the journey so far has been fun!
    Karen Petersen

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