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Dresden & Other Things

So it’s been a while. I know, I know. But I’ve been enjoying my last couple weeks in Germany!

October 28 and 29 was spent in Dresden. Dr. Ellis took a group of us there for a day trip. Caitlin, Missie and I spent the night, so we could see what we didn’t get to see with Dr. Ellis as our tourguide.

The city is amazing! Its history is rich with glory and despair. I would recommend this city to anyone who’s looking for something to do in Germany. I also recommend reading up on some of its history, especially the American and British bombings of the city in WWII.

We saw the Alter Meister, an art museum, and the Gruenes Gewoelbe, the treasury from August the Great (or Strong, I forget which adjective he’s known for). Both were amazingly beautiful.

But I didn’t get to the best part! Caitlin, Missie and I stayed at this gorgeous hostel. And we had a roommate, an American named Anna. This sentence cannot contain how cool Anna is. She’s from New Jersey and just finished college (an English major). Now she’s backpacking through Europe. So far she’s been to London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, and I think she’s either in Poland or Italy right now. If you’re reading this, Anna, hello! And Caitlin, Missie and I miss you (and we wear our sunglasses at night).

We spent our final day in Dresden with Anna. It felt great to speak with another American who isn’t from Augustana. By the end of the day, we were all sad to depart.


After Dresden, life hit me. You know, I’m in college. There is school work. That kind of life. I had a final to study for, and I’ve had a few papers to write. Not that I’m complaining, but since it was all in German, my second language, it just took longer than it normally would have. Plus, my friends and I are enjoying our last final weeks abroad.

I was in Wittenberg for Reformationfest, which I will blog about soon. All I can say is that it was amazing, and Missie and I got to wera my Gastmutti’s Renaissance period dresses, which was absolutely amazing.

Also, I was Kaiserin Sissi for Halloween. Missie did my hair in this crazy braid updo, since my hair is so long.

Today, Friday, November 4th, is my last FULL day in Germany!!!!

I can’t believe it’s been three months already! Don’t get me wrong, it will be fantastic to get home. But I’ll just want to come back here in a few weeks’ time. I’m going to miss my host family so much, as well as the charming town of Wittenberg.

BUT…not all is over. Tomorrow I’m catching a train to Berlin (shudder–that city is the place where missed trains and screwed up train schedules go, but more about that later). Then taking a bus to the airport to catch a plane to London.

Yes, I get to be in Heathrow on November the 5th. True, I’m in London for only a few hours. True, I’ll only be in the airport. BUT I can now say that I was in London on the anniversary of Guy Fawkes trying to blow of Parliament. For all of you V for Vendetta fans, be jealous.

Then I’m catching a connecting flight to Dublin, where I will stay there until the 9th.

Ireland, here I come!

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