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Chasing a Castle

September 30, 2011: Missie and I are in Salzburg! What should we do? Let’s go to the Mirabel Palace Gardens to start off our day. And here we are–there is a castle on a mountain! Let’s take a moment and stare in awe.
There’s a castle in Salzburg? Unfathomable! Well, on the other hand, this is Europe.

Let’s take another moment to be beside ourselves in wonder. There is a CASTLE on a mountain. LET’S GO!
We’ve left the gardens. Now we’re on a bridge (over troubled water…okay, I’ll stop). We are only a few steps closer in our quest of finding our way to this glorious castle.
Ever closer, but still a long way to go. (By the way, we weren’t following the map. We only used it to make sure we wouldn’t turn and run into a wormhole, or something to that extent.).
The castle is atop the mountain. How do we get up there? Oh, look. There are stairs that lead up. Let’s venture onward, shall we?
Halfway up the stairs, this IS is our view? Holy Moly, Batman! What awaits for us at the very top?
We’re made it up the stairs. What a view. But then we turn around and see…
…two paths. The first leads us away from the castle, into uncertain peril….
…The second path leads us closer to our final destination. Which path should we choose?
…The way forward is clear. Think not of this being a detour; think of this being a subplot to the epic that is our journey through Salzburg.
Yup. I think Missie and I made the right decision.
This is a curch courtyard we found. Not a bad find, either!
The scenery is breathtaking.
As Missie would say: How quaint.
Abby and Missie: Two college girls on a mission.
The road onward. Alas, it would not take us to our desired ending point.
Here we are again, on the right path to the castle, or so we hope. Either way, the road is beautiful.
I am in the shadow of the castle, and the Salzburger Dom is behind me. I’m about three quarters of the way up the mountain.
The journey is not yet complete.We’re practically there!
Missie and I are finally inside the castle after paying a fee of 7 Euro to enter. We can only imagine what awaits us in the higher fortress.

Now for the castle in smaller frames.

Up the staircase for more castle. As if this day couldn’t get any better!

See how much I love doors?

A watchtower.

The view from a tower.The village within the fortress.A caggage field, that belonged to the princes who lived in this castle.        An ancient chapel within the castle.

A room the princes used. Now it’s for giving concerts.

Absolutely amazing.
Down the tower stairs.

It’s time for us to catch the train to take us back to Vienna.
…And so we conquered our quest, leaving the castle we so diligently chased upon its mountain.

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