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Term Break = Traveling

A brief update for shifty Internet connection. I’m on Term Break in Wittenberg, meaning that I am free to travel Europe! I chose Vienna, Wien, for my destination. So far, I’ve pleasant things to say.

On Wednesday, Mary, Missie and I took the train from Wittenberg to Munich (yes, I have bragging rights: I was in Munich during Oktoberfest, though I didn’t attend the festival) and Munich to Vienna. It was a long journey, but it was cool to see the countrysides of Europe.

Thursday, Missie, Caitlin and I ventured into the city, to see if there were tourist deals. There are, so we’re planning on a Saturday excursion. We met up with the others at our hostel and proceeded to lunch and the Volksoper, where, on Monday, I’m seeing the operetta Die Fledermaus! I’m so excited! Anyway, we went to the Stefansdom, this gorgeous church in the middle of the city. When we were about to go inside, we were intercepted by this salsman. He, along with his other meandering associates, were dressed in Mozart type costume. He said that we spoke perfect German (he though we were Swiss), and he wanted to sell us tickets to this one concert that evening. Basically, he gave us 48 Euro seats for 20 Euro. The Chamber Orchestra was going to be playing the most famous of Mozart and Strauss, with a couple of singers and ballet dancers to add some more to the performance. So, Missie, Caitlin, Amanda, Kristine and I said yes. We walked to this quaint, little palace-like place. The concert was well done, personal and professional and intimate. As a music major, I approve. It was an introduction to Vienna.




Since Missie and I have Eurail passes (that’s why we were able to take the train to Vienna), we decided to take the three hour commute (one way) on Friday¬†to Salzburg, you know, the Sound of Music, Mozart’s birthplace, etc. It was, as the cool people say, epic.

Missie and I got a map and started walking without a plan. We were told of things to do–but they were a little out of our budget. We found ourselves in this palace castle. And straight ahead of us was this castle on a mountain: die Festung Hohensalzburg. Naturally, we had to visit it. So we walked. And walked. And walked. It was one of the best days I’ve had in Europe. Yes, we visited a couple of churches and the Mozart house, but the castle was our goal. We just had to keep going.

It took hours, and there are no words to really describe it. Salzburg is one of the prettiest places in the world, in my humble opinion. We meandered the streets, making sure we were walking in the direction of the Festung. We did what we had talked about doing for months. Missie got out her iPod, and I got out my headphones. We shared the headphones and Missie palyed The Lord of the Rings soundtrack and some choral music as we ventured closer to the castle. It was amazing,if not cheesy. We had¬†wanted to listen to a soundtrack as we stumbled across a castle–and that we did. Once we reached the castle, we were astounded. Die Festung is absolutely gorgeous, brewing over with history and castle fun. There were tons of pictures taken, but since the hostel has questionable Internet connection, I’m not uploading any pictures this post. But they will be up.

Anyway, Missie and I took the train ride back to Vienna, exhausted. Now I sit here, writing this, pondering on calling it a night. Saturday I plan on hitting up some of the museums. But thoughts of the Festung Hohensalzburg and my adventure getting there will be fresh on my mind. Friday was one of those days that will forever stick out in memory.

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  1. Dear Abby–

    I am so glad you are all enjoyin/enjoyed Vienna and environs. I always thought Hohensalzburg just a bit forbidding, but it IS massive and brroding and very castle-y. I thoroughly approve of your approach music–i think Howard Shore is much more appropriate than Mozart in this instance. I remember well those Mozart-clad hucksters outside Stefansdom–but the concerts are pretty fine despite the hype. Die Fledermaus at the Volksoper must have been a treat! Hope you got to the Hofburg and the chatzkammer and the Spear of Destiny! Ich liebe Wien!

    Lars Scott

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