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Trinidad Day 8: Snorkel & Game In Tobago

After two days off, today we got back into the soccer routine. We got up at 7 to practice. Amazingly it’s as hot at 7AM as it is in the afternoon. We came back to the guesthouse, ate breakfast, and headed to Pigeon Point beach. We got on a glass bottom boat and headed out to Buccoo coral reef. We were able to see all the wildlife and coral underneath the boat. To get an even better glance, we put on snorkel gear and swam around the reef. Next we visited a sandbar about a half mile off the coast of Tobago. It was surprising that the water was only up to our waist, yet we were so far off the coast. The sand at the sand bar was actually decomposed coral so it had a different feel than regular sand. The tour guide showed us how to give ourselves a scrub treatment using the dead coral. It was like a free spa treatment in the middle of the ocean.

The dock at Pigeon Point beach

Today’s game was against St Clair’s Coaching School, coached by the former manager of the Trinidad & Tobago national team. It was also the former team of Dwight Yorke, a local hero that played for Manchester United and Aston Villa. The stadium we played at was named in honor for the football star as well. It was built in 2001 for the U-17 Mens World Cup held in Trinidad & Tobago. It holds 7,500 people and offers spectacular views of the mountains in the distance. The game was very evenly matched. It was a scoreless tie at half, but we made a few mistakes in the second half that St. Clair’s capitalized on, and ended up losing 3-1.

Dwight Yorke Stadium

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  1. HEY. This sounds soooo cool Mike! Looks like a good time. Miss you and our duets.
    Good luck at your games!!!

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