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Trinidad Day 6: Day at the beach

Maracas Beach

Today was a relaxation day after 3 straight game days. We woke up and drove up through the mountains and back down to get to Maracas beach. It was a breathtaking view with the ocean and mountains in the background, like a screen saver picture on someone’s computer. We had a blast splashing in the water and fighting the huge waves, eventually being crushed by them. There were a bunch of Bake & Shark stands at the beach. Bake & shark is a sandwich made of fresh pita like bread and fried shark. They have many sauces and toppings to put on the sandwich. Locals told us that the tamarind sauce is the best. I had seen Bake & Shark on Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods when he went to Trinidad. After taking a bite, he said it was one the best meals he has ever had. I would have to agree with him.

We’re heading to Tobago in the morning. We’re taking a short flight to the other island. We’ve been told by many that Tobago is even more scenic than Trinidad and it is much more relaxed there. I’m very excited to see what the tiny island has to offer.

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures…the scenery is spectacular! I think it’s great that you and your teammates are enjoying such bizzare foods at the local eateries =). I’m excited to hear everything about your trip. What an awesome experience for all of you! Memories to last a lifetime… priceless! Enjoy!

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