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Trinidad Day 7: Tour de Tobago

The plane we took to Tobago

We woke up early this morning to take a flight from Trinidad to Tobago. It’s about a twenty minute flight on a small propeller plane. About 10 minutes after taking off they came over the intercom and said to prepare for landing.
Once in Tobago, we had to drive to the port to find Scott who had to take a ferry between the islands. From there we took a bus tour of the island, up and down some more winding roads. We stopped at the Argyle Waterfall where we climbed up a couple levels to the top and went swimming. The water was extremely refreshing after climbing up the side of the mountain. Following the waterfall, we continued on our tour until we got to Jemma’s Tree House Restaurant where we enjoyed one of the best meals we’ve had thus far. The restaurant had tree branches running through the rooms and was located on the shore.
In Tobago we’re staying at Roy’s Island Guesthouse. It’s basically 4 room apartments with a kitchen and living room and two bedrooms. After getting back from the bus tour, we gathered in one of the apartments and watched the Lingo game show and then played the game Things.

Argyle Watefall

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