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Trinidad Day 4: “It’s Raining Cats & Stray Dogs!”

Field @ University of West Indies

Today’s theme was rain. Not just a drizzle, two tropical downpours that happened to be at the times we were playing soccer. There was no lightning though, and so the rain was a nice way to cool off. It also provided for some interesting field conditions. We had a light practice at 10AM this morning, working on things we saw yesterday vs. Queens Royal College. Afterwards we went to the “Long Circular Mall” where there was a large food court offering everything from Caribbean food to Indian food to Subway and barbeque chicken. I tried out a beetroot smoothie that was the best smoothie I’ve had in my life, along with BBQ chicken, a macaroni based dish, and a spinach-like callaloo dish.
Our second game of the trip was at 4:30PM today. We were up against the University of West Indies. Brenton told us that it was going to be a much better team than we had lost to the day before. However, we came out much stronger than against Queens Royal. We pressured their defense and did not give the midfielders time to turn and find a pass. These were two things we had worked on in practice this morning, so it was great to see that it was successful. The game ended in a scoreless draw. About five minutes into the 2nd half is when the torrential rain began. It was a very high level of competition, but throughout the game and afterwards, there was a great bond between the two teams. They even invited us to go out with them to a local nightclub. Overall it was a great day of soccer and culture.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience Mikey! I can’t believe you tried (and liked) a beetroot smoothie! Yuck! HaHa =)

    I cannot wait to hear more about your great soccer trip. Sounds like you boys are pulling it together and figuring out how to play together, thats awesome! We have great news for you when you get home! Can’t wait to see you and hear more about your time in Tinidad! <3 WW

  2. Hey Mike…aren’t you getting tired of rain at this point…at least this is probably warm rain, but it’s still WET RAIN!!!

    It sounds like you and your teammates are getting a full cultural experience…I like reading about the food descriptions but spare me about the BEETROOT SMOOTHIE!!!

    Enjoy and talk to you later,

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