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Trinidad Day 2: On Top of the World

The Team @ Fort George lookout

Since we were all still trying to recover from yesterday’s long travels, we went on a road run rather than practicing in the morning. It was extremely hot and humid, even more so than the Quad Cities. After showering, we got lunch from Chinee’s Barbeque (as opposed to Chinese food). The prices seemed pretty steep at first (24 bucks for chicken and sides), until we realized it was in Trinidad & Tobago currency, so it was really about 4 dollars per meal. And we definitely got our money’s worth; they loaded us up on macaroni salad, rice, and delicious chicken. We then took another long winding road up a mountain to Fort George. It overlooks the entire coast with spectacular views in every direction. We’ve come across some interesting billboards and shops including, “Long Circular Mall”. There are also a lot of dogs that run around the area, sometimes crossing busy roads.

We drove an hour in traffic to the University of West Indies to practice. The mountains provided a great backdrop for the field. After practicing, we stopped at the supermarket to pick up some snacks and water. It was much more “Americanized” than I expected. All major brand names were available in the aisles. The lines were crazy long so it took a while to check out. We’re back at the hotel now and going to the pool before we eat.

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  1. Ahh Mikey it sounds amazing and the cheap food sounds great! haha you better bring back some good pictures and presents (:

  2. What a great time Mike! Enjoy every moment of it, there’s nothing like being part of a different culture and being in a different country, so many experiences! The dogs got to me though … especially in the heat .. and here I am keeping my ac at 76 so Mitchie is comfortable … upside down and backwards world =) Take care of yourself and stay safe! ENJOY!!!!!

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