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Trinidad Day 3: Game @ Queens Royal College

View From the Hotel

Today we woke up and had some eggs & sausage for breakfast. Then we went to the pool for a little while before it rained. For lunch we had homemade roti which consists of thin tortilla-like bread that you use to scoop a mixture of vegetables and meat. It is definitely a delicious comfort food. Our first game in Trinidad was today. We played Queens Royal College, a team in the area of Port of Spain where our coach played when he lived in Trinidad. The play here is much different than back in the States, it is much quicker pace and they move the ball extremely well. We ended up losing the game, but were greeted with some more food after the game. We had a spicy fish broth (soup with chunks of fish and vegetables). Afterwards we went to Movie Towne, which had a bunch of American restaurants (Subway, Burger King, Haagen Dazs ice cream, etc.) and music. It was very interesting to see their idea of America. Tomorrow we’re driving out to the University of West Indies to play our second game. Hopefully we can adapt a little better to the quick pace of their teams.

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