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Photos from Paris

Ok, so I mentioned the part about getting crushed by a train, but I seemingly left out the rest of our first day in Paris… Essentially we were so tired, we did not exactly do much… we dropped our bags off at Hotel Stella, found some lunch at a Boulangerie across the street, and walked to the closest park, which happens to be the Jardin du Luxembourg (a.k.a. the Luxembourg Gardens). Though the hotel itself is not that great, its location could not be any better… Two minutes from the Jardin, and less than ten minutes from Notre Dame (the center of Paris!) …what more could one ask for?

Without Dr. Skrainka’s luggage and laptop, everything was in disarray… so instead of fighting the powers that be, we decided to go with the flow and enjoy most of the day walking around the city and eating using the program’s budget… Below are some pictures of our travels and our first day in Paris… enjoy!

At the airport

The six of us at O’Hare that were traveling on the same flight!

The ‘A’ traveling along-side me

The ‘A’ on the high-speed RER, laying on top of a map of Paris

The ‘A’ at the foot of a thinking Greek statue in the Jardin du Luxembourg

Part of the gang standing outside the Luxembourg Palace

It seems like the ‘A’ is trying to hide from me…

Point Zero… the dead center of Paris… or is that, Augustana?!?

More Point Zero shots…

Another Notre Dame shot…

This is the dorky yet really cool waiter who served us at dinner… He noticed how tired we were and made fun of us for wanting to sleep while in Paris… then he took the ‘A’ from us, turned it upside down and placed it over his head as if he was the devil!

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  1. Nice pics of the A Zain!!…Honorary Photo Bureau Photog embedded in Paris.

  2. Nice idea to show the augie logo in all the pics! Paris is a wonderfull city !

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