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Delta Blues

This weekend was probably one of the longest and most interesting weekends of my life. We made our way to the Mekong Delta this weekend stopping intermittently through the trip to experience what life is like in the delta.

The first experience we had was by boat (fitting for the Delta) where we got to see a small floating market. The people who are selling their goods (fruit, veggies and other wares) show what they are selling by attaching their good to the top of a long pole. Pretty sweet.

We had a killer fresh lunch with fish they pulled right out of the Mekong and fried. It was wonderful. Fresh fruits, lovely spring rolls, the works. Amazing thing was that I’m sure all of that cost next to nothing.

We toured several factories, a rice paper making factory (and more), a rice noodle factory and a brick making factory. The coolest part about the whole thing was that they use the husks of rice as a fuel to heat everything. I had the chance to carry a yoke with 2 baskets attached off of a ship filled with the husks. The ropes on the baskets were too short so I couldn’t lift them off the ground without help. I was way too tall for it, but I was able to carry them once I got them off the ground. Still they here heavy and the two little guys that were carrying the baskets were getting a serious workout. Of course I’m sure they were used to it so it was probably nothing for them. Still the fact that they use the husks to heat everything is amazing. They really use everything they have to make their life style work. Its really a great way of doing things.

While the trip to the Delta was good, my title is delta blues because by the bus ride home I was feeling really crappy with a seriously upset stomach and a fever. The fever lasted into the night, but by morning it was gone and I was feeling a little better. By Monday night I was all better though.

To add insult to injury, I found out on Monday that the hard drive on my computer was completely gone. My computer had crashed in the middle of the week before and it was only on Monday I got to a shop to have it looked at. Turns out that it was trashed. Bummer.

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