The worldwide Augustana College experience

I’ve taken 1,078 pictures in Australia…

…and there are no signs of stopping. Yep, I’ve already almost exhausted an 8GB memory card. No worries, though…I got a 4GB backup for Cairns/Great Barrier Reef trip coming up this weekend! Can you dig it? I’m definitely excited to wrap up the internship experience and get some serious relaxation and sun in before heading back to the arctic tundra known as Illinois. Seriously? I can’t stay!?

I had a great experience at my internship sites and am going to miss my supervisors! They’ve been really great at making me feel at home and giving me some pretty good tasks to do on the job. And, just in case anyone is wondering, I have yet to get coffee for any executive…unless it’s for myself. The next few days will be pretty busy, though. I need to wrap up my work and make sure I leave everything all ready and organized for the next intern to come in. I’m also going to lunch with one of my supervisors and a member of parliament tomorrow. Wednesday, we have a departure dinner with CAPA, and Thursday, it’s all done! That means some serious last-minute beach time in Sydney on Friday! The tan’s improving, but still has a ways to go. Cairns–you better be sunny!

It was an exciting weekend here. Karen and Jane were here from Augustana and bought us all pizza on Thursday before they departed on Friday! It was really nice to see them…kind of like having your parents come to visit you. They paid for a few of our meals and took us to the Aquarium! THANK YOU, KP & JANE! I also ventured out to the Sydney Observatory which was really cool (i.e. free) and took some great pictures of the bridge and harbour from the hilltop. I also did a little shopping at Paddy’s market and finished up some work for our internship class! Of course, some serious time was spent at Manly Beach on Saturday! It was much needed after about a week of clouds and mid-70s weather.

Well, that’s all for now. The next post will hopefully be just before I leave for Cairns or while in Cairns! Looking forward to that, but not coming home in less than 12 days 🙁 I gotta live it up in Sydney in the meantime!

Cheers mates

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  1. Great job Louie! I am really looking forward to you coming home.
    I’ll have to check those pictures out. I am grateful that you have had the opportunity.

    Love Dad

  2. Hi Louie–it was great to see you at one of your internship sites in Sydney. Great job there! Have a wonderful trip to the Great Barrier Reef! Safe travels.

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