The worldwide Augustana College experience

I never want to leave!

Last week was very eventful! Carly and I decided to not waste a night and go out to a different place every night that we had never been before! On Sunday we went to the Chinese New Years parade and then went to Darling Harbour where we saw fireworks and checked out Choi Bar.  On Monday night after class we went to Scubar, they had really good drink specials and all you can eat pizza. They also had crap racing which was a lot of fun to participate in.  On Tuesday we went to the Australian Museum/Jurassic Lounge and saw a bunch of exhibits and performers.  It was defiantly worth 15 dollars! On Wednesday we went to Blue Bay for dinner since it was rated the best fish and chips in Australia and then we checked out two chill bars in Darling Harbor called the loft and bungalow 8.  Darling Harbor is by far one of my favorite areas in Sydney! On Thursday we went to the establishment and ivy with a group of people that was fun. Met Steven Jackson from the St. Louis Rams.  Friday night I went to the Art House and it was pretty empty but interesting since there was art all on the ways. Shane Holl won 60 dollars at a slot machine in the bar! Saturday I went to the Good Vibrations festival in Sydney and it was amazing! It was like a huge music festival with a bunch of different artists; I saw rusko, true blood, mike posner, Damien Marley, Ludaris, and much more! It was awesome! Sunday we went to a Rugby game at Olympic stadium, which was a lot of fun to see!

This week,I gave my presentation in class which I was nervous about for some weird reason.  I think it went well though.  Also, on Monday Karen came in and visited my internship site! That as well went really good.  I was happy to see her and I am glad that someone got to experience where and who I work with. Monday night the Grammys were on so the roommates and I made a cute valentines dinner for the four of us and relaxed.  It was very nice and much needed.  On Tuesday I just had my internship during the day, nothing to fancy; at night Carly and some friends and I went and checked out a back packers bar called Scary Cannery.  I thought it was pretty cool in there! What I noticed though was that Tuesday nights seem pretty big in Sydney for Salsa Dancers.  Many clubs had specials going on around a salsa-dancing event. Wednesday was kind of a weird day for me as the weather was gross and I had been feeling really tiered. I got to leave my internship early and ended up going to support Kara at a place her company sponsors called the eastern hotel.  It was really fun, a lot of Augie people came and we just know of hung out and relaxed!  Today I typically go into my internship later since my supervisor does his radio show until noon and doesn’t get into the office until about 1, so for now I am just relaxing.  Tonight Karen is having a pizza party for us and then maybe we will hit up the town! Besides that nothing much else is new, I need to finish up souvenir shopping for my family and friends and I also need to start getting MORE TAN! I feel like I am getting pail.  Also, I think maybe the meriton is haunted.

Thats pretty much what has been going on in my life lately. 🙂 I dont want to leave here ever! We are coming up to our last full weekend here and it should be crazy!

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