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Celebrating Australia Day

This past week was great; it was very busy and exciting.  Within my internship I continued to work on my assignment from the previous weeks, which included researching the history of a nearby town called Lane Cove, and writing narratives for the station to use as commercials.  On Wednesday we got the day off work to celebrate Australia Day!  As an American, I didn’t know what to expect or what to do, so my roommates and I did a little bit of everything.  We started the day off right with drinks and going to a few different parks and festivals then headed to the rocks for the rest of the day where we met and hung out with many Australian people. I loved Australia day, even though I missed fireworks because I had to register for classes.  On Thursday I went and saw the theatrical performance called “Soap” at the Opera House with a big group of girls.  The performance was amazing and was well worth the money to say the least.  Afterwards we all went out to a bar called Argyle in the Rocks that was beautiful and later met up with a few friends at the nightclub Home.  I really enjoyed being in the Rocks and Darling Harbor; it is very beautiful at night.  On Friday I went and checked out Patty’s Market that was overwhelming at first, as I didn’t know what to expect.  I ended up getting many good deals on souvenirs for family and friends though.  Later Friday night a group of us departed for surf camp that was about 6 hours up the coast.  We arrived at camp late Friday night, checked out the beach, and went to sleep.  I was not a fan of the bugs.  Early the next morning we learned to surf! I did surprisingly well, and caught many waves.  We had two, two-hour sessions on Saturday followed by a great dinner and partying on the beach.  Such a day in paradise, the beach and surf instructors were beautiful.  Sunday morning we woke up, tried from Saturday but surfed all morning, relaxed, and came home.  This past week was a lot of fun and though this week might not be as action packed, I am excited to relax.

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