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The First Week

Our first week here in Saigon is coming to an end so quickly.  But it has been such a good time.  Though there has been a lot that we have done, I will try not to ramble about it all!

Probably our most interesting day was when we visited the Cao Dai Temples and the Cu Chi Tunnels.  Cao Daism is a religion that oroginated in the late 1920’s.  It is a hybrid religion that combines 4 other religions, including Buddhism and Confuscianism.  The temple was about 3 hours outside of Saigon.  It is HUGE and very gorgeous.  It is an open air temple and is painted extremely colorfully.  The temple here in Vietnam is one of the biggest, as well.

After seeing the temple, we moved on to the Cu Chi Tunnels.  These tunnels are extensive underground networks that run throughout Vietnam.  The North Vietnamese and the Vietcong (Guerilla fighting forces for the North Vietnamese Army) would use these to literally live underground.  When American soldiers would come looking for villages, they would be empty and no one could figure out where the Vietnamese villagers had gone.  Well, they were in these tunnels, literally right underneath the soldiers feet.

The tunnels are very tiny, if you crawl on your hands and knees, the top of the tunnel is touching your back.  You can go down in them, though due to my bouts of claustrophobia, I did not. 🙂

We have taken the time to walk around the city a lot, and it is absolutely beautiful.  The architecture is colorful and ornate, and there are so many rooftop restaurant’s.  Also, they have palm trees here!


Tommorrow we are going on an all weekend trip to the Mekong Delta, should be fun!


See you all later!

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  1. Hi Kirs:

    Sounds like your days are action packed. Hows the food? Have you encountered anything made of dog yet?

    Will you be posting any pictures? It sounds beautiful there.

    Have fun!
    Aunt Shari

  2. Hi Aunt Shari!

    Its good to hear from you! Our days really are jammed to the max, but its so good that way. I love knowing that I am seeing a lot because who knows if I will ever come to Vietnam again? The food has been really good, but I have not had any dog yet. 🙂 Everything is delicious, its going to be hard to go back to U.S. food, but i really do miss things like pizza and sandwiches! But I hope that you and Cody are well, let me know how you are doing!

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