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Downtown Chatswood

This past week for my internship, my site supervisor was out of town at a music conference so the radio station has been pretty quite.  Typically there are countless people in and out of the station all day every day, yet this week was very relaxed.  I still proceeded to come in and get hours and do an assignment my supervisor has assigned but it required me to go to a few libraries which were difficult to get to.  Besides working every day, I explored downtown Chatswood, which is just down the road from where I work, and it was really nice! I always felt like I was in such a suburb working in Chatswood, but going to their down town area I actually got to see what their community was like.  Tuesday night I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge which was spectacular.  I am SO GLAD that I did it; it honestly made living here really sink in! Being here didn’t feel real until I did that!  So far it has been my favourite thing that I have done.  On Friday I went on a tour of the Opera house which was beautiful to see.   After that I took the ferry to manly beach, it was beautiful and had a surf town vibe.  Saturday I went on a wine tasting which was worth the experience! The vineyards were beautiful and the wine was delicious!  This week should be exciting as Australia Day is Wednesday, I am going to see the theatrical performance of Soap at the Opera House on Thursday, and this weekend is Mojo Surf Camp; my dreams of learning to surf have come true, I can’t wait.  Besides that, my internship is back in full swing and it should be a fun week.

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  1. Marie, you probably have SOME idea of how good a warm beach sounds about now to those of us in Rock Island. I’m curious about your radio station — what kind of station is it?

  2. It is a community based radio station so it is like a public radio station back home. All of the presenters are volunteers and pretty much talk about and play whatever they want! It is really awesome, you can check them out on the web by google searching North Shores 99.3FM

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