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Living it up..down under

G’day everyone…

It’s hard to believe we’ve already been in Australia for just about two weeks now. ┬áTime flies! Most of us are now settling into our internships and becoming independent, student-professionals. Most of us. I have yet to start my internship yet, which is a bit frustrating. My interview went well last week and I should hear back shortly…at least I hope! In the meantime, I’m enjoying my extended free time and exploring a lot of Sydney sites and sounds during the day when everything is far less busy.

It’s been an exciting weekend so far, though. On Friday, I ventured off to Manly beach on my own. It’s a great beach, but the multiple bus transfers and ferry ride do make it quite a hike to get to. It was well worth it though as I managed to finally get some color. But,seriously, the reality is: I need to get burnt! I feel like you can’t come to Australia and not get a painful sunburn. It’s bound to happen. On Saturday, a large group of us went to see Los Lobos in the Domain (a public park). Free, public concerts in Australia are very different than in America. Foremost, everyone was bringing backpacks, wine, beer, and tons of food to the event. I didn’t bring anything because in the U.S., you usually can’t just bring backpacks and booze into a public event. If you can, you often get a thorough inspection. No such thing here! I admit, it would have been nice to bring a snack with me. Maybe next time. There will be plenty of free events on the weekends considering it is Sydney Fest!

For those interested in the floods, I’ve been keeping up-to-date with some of my extended free time. There has been a ton of news coverage and appeals for donations are now being made throughout Sydney. I donated a few dollars on my way to Manly. It’s the small things like that that make me feel like I’m doing my civic duty as a temporary Australian! The floods don’t physically affect us down here, but the rumor is that fruit prices will soon be skyrocketing. Currently, you can get a kilo of Bananas for about $3… but that could soon jump to has high as $12! Yikes! I may be making a stop at Paddy’s market tomorrow to stock up just in case!

Finally, last night, I did the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb! They suited us up in these really sex grey jump-suits, wired us with walkie-talkies, headlamps, ponchos, and plenty of gear (including a harness) and took us up the top of the arches. We climbed dozens of ladders and had plenty of views of the scary roadway and waterways beneath us. It was an amazing experience, though. We did the twilight climb which meant we got to see the entire city of Sydney all lit up. We had fantastic sky-high views of the Opera House, downtown Sydney, and could see as far as 30km. It was fantastic! I definitely recommend it to any visitor to Sydney! It’s a bit pricey, but I left feeling it was well worth it!

Well, that’s all for now. I hope everyone is staying warm back home! Hopefully my next update will feature a definitive internship placement!


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  1. Cheers, Louie! Glad to hear that you completed the bridge climb–and are taking advantage of the local events. Keep in contact about your internship status. Karen

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