The worldwide Augustana College experience

The begining

So far we have been in Australia for a week and so much has gone on!  Recovering from the 15 hr plane ride was tough, but so worth it.  The weather stays in the upper 80’s with sunshine almost daily!  Within the last week we have gone to the blue mountains, bondi beach, the rocks, Sydney tours, shops, pubs, and so much more.  I have eaten kangaroo, crocodile, bird, wedges, and galado.  Though Australia seems Americanized there are so many beautiful differences that Australia holds.  Everyone on the trip is seems to enjoy themselves and each other; new friendships are forming and its nice.  Our learning through internship class started this past Monday and that was interesting.  Also, most of us started our internships yesterday or today.  I am working for 99.3 Sydney’s North Shore Radio.  It is amazing, the work ethic is very laid back and my supervisor is really nice! I am egear to see what the rest of this trip will bring….

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