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Going Broke…30 cents at a time

Taking full advantage of our increasingly hotter temperatures we have been fully packing our weekends with trips to Sydney’s local beaches, the petting zoo, aquarium and the Blue Mountains.

simon3One of my favorite beaches here in Sydney is Manly Beach.  Our beach days are generally start with me lugging around my enormous surf board through public transportation for about an hour with the overwhelming desire to learn how to surf as well as all the Australian locals that have been surfing their entire lives.  When we get to the beaches there are many ways to entertain yourself. Most of the girls in our trip seem to get complete satisfaction from lying down on the beach all day and occasionally rolling over.  If there are decent waves I paddle out on my board and make a fool of myself for a couple hours standing up on roughly 2 to 3 waves.  When the surf isn’t great the guys spend their days throwing themselves into massive shore breaking waves, climbing on the giant rock structures and filling up on double cheese burgers and 30 cent cones from McDonalds.

cones2In case any of you are thinking, “WTF…30 cents?” you are just as baffled as I was.  When we first went to McDonalds in Australia we mainly went in to analyze the difference between American McDonalds and then be on our way.  After discovering that McDonalds offers 30 cent ice cream cones on their regular value menu I have made it an obsession to purchase a cone every time I see a McDonalds.  Needless to say we have been in Australia for about 3 weeks and I have realistically purchased upwards of 30 ice cream cones.  



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  1. Are the 30-cent cones smaller than usual? Even if that is true – I wish USA McD’s would follow the lead from down under! Good luck with the surfing!

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