The worldwide Augustana College experience


Arriving in Matsuyama was a bit more of a culture shock because there is very little English anywhere in the city.  However, it has some interesting aspects.  The first restaurant we went to was unique.  We ordered our meals out of a vending machine type thing and handed the receipt to the cook and they quickly brought out our meals.  The food was cheap and pretty good.

The next day we took a day trip to Tobe.  Tobe is famous for their ceramics and we were able to paint our own cups that they will send back to school after they are completely fired and finished.  We also had a walking tour around Tobe which is a pretty city although I’m starting to think all the cities are going to be pretty in Japan.  For lunch we had what seemed to be a traditional Japanese meal we sat at long tables on the floor and we ate a variety of foods including three types of sashimi and seaweed salad.  That night most people had family dinners with local Japanese families. The next day since we live near the John Deer factory our teachers decided to go on a tour of the Iseki tractor family.  The factory would have been more interesting if we could hear what was going on.

Yesterday we learned about Taiko drumming and we saw Matsuyama castle.  The castle grounds were really beautiful.  Also, they had some stands that were selling orange juice and they had really good orange juice, but apparently Matsuyama is known for their oranges.  That night we met some university students.  Andrew, Ian, and I met this girl named Ayano who showed us around Dogo and we had really good orange ice, I think it may have been sorbet, but Ayano called it ice.

Today was a low key day after we finished our midterms.  We just walked around the mall and explored a little.  We had baskin robbins for dessert which was exciting.

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