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We made a quick stop in Hiroshima after Kyoto.  While Kyoto is my favorite city so far because of it’s beauty and just the feel of the city while walking around, I also really love Hiroshima.  I like the river that is near the park it is relaxing to sit and watch it.  I also really enjoy the peace park with the monuments for people from the atomic bomb.  The monuments really strike a chord.  But the most striking aspect of Hiroshima is the museum.  The museum was really amazing because it gave a history of the city before and after the atomic bomb.  The next room was about the atomic bomb and the horribleness that came from it.  The images were so gruesome and the stories were so sad.  It was hard to see all of this, but I think it’s important for people to see the truth of what happened.

Today we went to MiyaJima which was really fun, it is a tori gate in the middle of the water.  I was hoping that the water would be low enough that we could walk through the gate, however it was still awesome anyways.  The view was beautiful and the water was so blue and inviting.  There were also deer that we could pet.  Tomorrow we are traveling to Matsayuma.

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