The worldwide Augustana College experience


Currently we are in Kyoto right now, we have been here since Wednesday night and have done so many exciting things.  Kyoto is a beautiful place to walk around in.  Everywhere you go you see mountains surrounding you.  For our first lunch in Kyoto we found a restaurant that was more of a traditional Japanese style.  We had to take our shoes off in the restaurant and we sat on mats at the low table.  After lunch we visited Kiyomizu temple which had an amazing view of the mountains and city.

The next day was probably one of my favorite things we have done so far.  There is a monkey park in Kyoto up in the mountains.  To get there we climbed the trail and even before we got to the actual spot we could see monkeys on the trail.  When we got up to the actual spot there were so many monkeys.  There was also a room that we could go in and pay 100 yen for a bag of food to feed the monkeys.  It was so cool to see how the monkeys behaved and acted with each other as well as the people feeding the monkeys.  The view from the top was amazing you could see the whole city below us.

Yesterday a group of us went to the Golden Pavilion.  It was a cool to see and the area around it was beautiful too.  After that we went back and went to the mall which is different than malls in the U.S. or at least the ones I’m used to.  One of the stores sells t-shirts where you can get your name in Japanese printed on them which I thought was pretty cool.  Last night we went to the river which I really enjoy doing because it’s relaxing to sit there and just take in what is going on around you and think and talk with friends.

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