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The Last of Osaka

Well we’ve been in Osaka for about four days now and we’re leaving for Kyoto tomorrow morning.  Osaka has been a great way to start the trip.  It has been quite easy to travel on the subway to see what all is around the city.  Yesterday we went to the Osaka Garden Club and attended an ACCJ panel.  It was quite interesting to hear from members who have decided to live in Japan and work here instead of at home.  The ACCJ works hard to do networking to help businesses.  After that we were free to go explore.  That was the first day we found a real Japanese meal.  It was quite an experience to eat at this restaurant because our waitress did not speak English.  But the meal was very delicious.  I tried to use chopsticks and became a little more successful.

Today we travelled to Nara.  We went to Todai-Ji Temple were there is a huge statue of a Buddha.  The Buddha statue is 159.89 feet.  It was very interesting, but it was very hot today!  Later we may be going to the Bay Area.

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