The worldwide Augustana College experience


After a long day of traveling we arrived in Osaka, Japan Friday night.  It was quite an interesting experience coming to a youth hostel.  In the youth hostel we have most of our meals in the cafeteria where we also have class.  We share a room with four or five other students.  Most students have to go upstairs and down the hall to get to the community bathroom where there are several showers and a bath.  The bathroom will definitely be an experience that will need time to adjust to.

Yesterday morning we had class.  However, in the afternoon we got to go explore the city.  We have two days to explore Osaka and so many options to chose from.  Before lunch I went out to walk around the neighborhood.  We went to a market near the train station.  I enjoyed the market, you could buy anything from fruit to tea pots to clothes to a hand gun.  I enjoyed the market because I have never really been to a little market like that before.  I want to go back sometime and maybe buy something.  After lunch we went to the train station and we rode the subway to Osaka Castle.  Osaka Castle was really pretty.  I was rather excited to be going to a castle.  I thought of all the disney princesses and then I realized it wouldn’t be the sort of castle I’m used to.  Nonetheless it was an awesome experience.  The castle was beautiful, big, and just seemed…like a Japanese Castle.  There was an observation deck and the view from that was awesome to see everything surrounding the castle.  In the distance you could see the city.  Inside the castle was a museum.  In the few hours we were there it just did not seem like there was enough time to absorb everything that there was to see.

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