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You say goodbye, and I say hello

This is my first posting about East Asia and I’m so excited!  It’s two days until me and about 80 Augie students depart for Asia.  This is my first time out of the country and I’m extremely excited but also anxious for the unknown.  We start in Japan and then move to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, in mid-September.  We’ll spend around 9 days there and travel to China, where we will visit many cities over the eastern half of the country until early November.  Then we’ll spend a few days in Hawaii until finally arriving home in the USA on November 10th.

I’ve been pretty excited all summer and now the anxiety is kicking in.  I finished most of my packing last night and I just stared at my suitcase for a while and kept thinking “Oh my god, it’s really here.  I’m really going.”  I’ve been dreaming about traveling to Asia for years and now it’s really happening.  It’s almost unbelievable that I’ve been able to have this opportunity.  I’m nervous about the unknown but you can’t really anticipate something like this.  You just have to prepare yourself the best you can and just go with the flow.  I feel I’ve prepared well and I just want to absorb everything that I can about the countries that we visit.  I’m excited to share this journey with everyone.  It’s almost here!

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