The worldwide Augustana College experience

How can it be that it is already time to say goodbye? :(

As of this morning i finished my last final so i am done with summer school at CEDEI! i cannot believe how fast time has flown. it seems like just yesterday that i got off the plane in Quito and found myself in a whole new world. that new world has now become my second home, and i am going to miss cuenca and all of the amazing people i have had the pleasure of getting to know and becoming really good friends with in this city. next wednesday i am going to have to face some of the toughest goodbyes ive ever had to say in my life. the other day as i was playing with my nephew and niece in the kitchen and the whole family was gathered around getting ready to eat dinner i realized just how much i am going to miss each and every one of them and how much i feel that i have truly become a part of this family too. all i can do is hope that one day i will have the opportunity to come back and visit these amazing people who took care of me all summer. ­čÖé

i am most likely not going to have internet access in Peru, and when i get back to the states there will be much chaos to face with getting ready to go back to Augustana so sadly this is going to by my last blog for the summer. the good thing is that when i see all of you in person i can tell you all the stories ill have from Peru and share all my pics from the whole summer! thanks to all of you who have been following this blog all summer. it means a lot, and i really hope you enjoyed reading about all of my crazy adventures as much as i enjoyed sharing them with you all!

lastly, i want to give a big shout out to my parents who without them this amazing opportunity never would have been possible. Thanks mom and dad for having the strength to let me go (as much as you didnt want to) and for putting your fears aside to allow me to have the most incredible experience of my life. i have learned so much this summer and my spanish has greatly improved which im so excited about! overall i feel so blessed to have had this amazing opportunity, and all of you out there who are thinking about traveling to Ecuador in the future…my words of advice to you are DO IT!! and take me with you!! haha.

i hope you enjoy the rest of your summers, and ill see you all in 2 weeks!! <3

con amor siempre por la ├║ltima vez de cuenca,

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