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I spent last weekend in the coast at Montañita Beach which is one of the craziest places I have ever been! we left on Friday at noon and getting there was an adventure. we took a taxi service called a fuganeta from Las Pencas in Cuenca to Guayaquil which is 3 and a half hours away from Cuenca. halfway through the drive we turned a curve and all we could see was flat land for miles! it was so weird to see flat land after having been in the mountains for so long! cacao (cocoa), banano (banana) and caña de azucar (sugar cane) plants lined the carretera (highway). when we arrived in guayaquil it was super hot! i changed into shorts which felt so weird to wear since i havent worn shorts all summer in cuenca! then we took a bus for 4 hours to Montañita. The five of us  got the last 5 seats in a row at the very back of the bus.

after a few hours we could see the beach outside the bus window in the dark! it was so pretty! around 730 pm we got dropped off at the side of a road and we went to find our hotel. we found out that its located on top of this huge huge hill so we were like no thanks and went and found a different place to stay. finding lodging here is so much more lax than it is in the states! we walked into a place, the woman showed us the cabin, we said we liked it, and she was like okay heres your key, and we didnt have to pay until the next night! this place was called Balsa Surf Camp and it was really pretty. It had a tiki bar and little eating area, a gazebo with lots of hammocks, a pretty garden, and then the cabins. it only cost 20 dollars per person for a night and breakfast was included! then we walked down the beach to the actual town of Montanita. Montanita is a total of 6 blocks and one street is filled with vendors that only sell cocktails! reggaeton music is blasting from all the discotecas, theres tons of little outdoor restaurants and lots of seafood, and hippies everywhere trying to sell you some pretty sweet jewelry. i had to give in and get a necklace made from the shell of a coconut haha. there were so many interesting people here and lots of people from different countries which was really cool. we ate dinner at a pizza place and then danced at a place where there was a live band for the rest of the night.

on saturday we went swimming in the ocean which was fun and then laid out. in the afternoon we ate out at another little restaurant in town and chilled on the rocks by the beach. then we went out to dinner and to a salsa concert!

on sunday we jammed 16 people into a van for the 4 hour drive back to guayaquil which was awful. then we had a more comfortable ride back from guayaquil back to cuenca. overall it was a fun weekend before facing finals this week!

con amor siempre,

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