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Tales from Saigon

So, we have officially had our first day in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon.  The trip here was quite frustrating, complete with with a 7 hour delay in the O’Hare Airport, a missed connecting flight in Hong Kong, and pretty bad airplane food. But we finally made it here at 5 AM on Monday morning (about 4:00 PM back home)
The first day was exhausting, but really good.  We saw a lot of the city on our bus tour.  Our tour guide is a hilarious man by the name of Son.  He kept us entertained and gave us a lot of information about the city,as well.
Saigon is such an interesting mix, because it has a lot of Western qualities.  You can easily find Western products- like Pizza Hut, Coke, typical clothing, and some of the buildings even look like they could belong in the U.S.  But in other ways, it is very different from anything you would ever see elsewhere.  All in all, it should bea  fun city to explore.
The celebration of Tet- the Vietnamese New Year- just ended, so many of the decorations are still up, which is very pretty.
See you all later!

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  1. Wendy discovered a write up in the newspaper and now we’re all (including the kids) are interested in your adventures from vietnam.
    Hopefully you’ll have the chance to share those via blog but if not then we look forward to hearing about them in person come March. Be safe, enjoy, and have fun! Sara, Wendy, Chrissy (clay’s sick today).

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